New-Sense Studios

Probably one of our most rewarding projects we have ever done.
We set the stage.... and left it up.

Programmed & Flown Lighting Rig

From Moving Intelligent lights to Softbox Lighting Kits with Dimmable RGBWA Fixtures, we are ready to go.

Projectors & LED Tiles

Utitilizing our in house AV Department, we’re able to add creative video elements into any shoot.

Permanent Stage

Just show up and go. We have a stage that is 24’ x 20’ and is maintained for any shoot.

Ceiling Height

Having ceiling height was a must for us. Being able to shoot lighting downward was critical. We have 24’ tall ceilings so you have more room for control.

Flats & Green Screens

Stored in the space are hollywood flats and green screens. So for any last minute changes, or ideas, we can execute on the fly.

Cameras with Lenses

From HD to 8k, we’ve have an assortment of camera and lens options to pull of our director’s vision.

Let’s Connect!

New-Sense Studios is located in Orlando. While we’re not open for the General Public to use, we will give access to the studio to Videographers and Photographers. We’re all about building community and helping fellow creatives with a space to film in. Just reach out and we’ll set up a time for you to check it out!