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When it comes to experience in events, we have put in the time.

With over 200,000 hours of live event experience, entertainment development, and innovative thinking - the creative minds at New-Sense has Mastery Level: Unlocked 🔓

“It takes ten thousand hours to truly master anything. Time spent leads to experience; experience leads to proficiency; and the more proficient you are, the more valuable you’ll be.”

- Malcom Gladwell

The New-Sense Story

Founded in 2008, New-Sense Productions has contributed to and pushed the boundaries for the live event industry. The focus has always been on being able to control the energy in the room and take guests on a journey. To accomplish this, we made the decision to focus on creating unique products. Infusing technology and entertainment together as one, allows us to produce products for our clients. We look to be the company clients turn to when they “Want something New/Different.”

Our passion carries over from our creation process all the way to our daily operations. We’re passionate about having successful events, and it shows. To date, we have successfully implemented our services in over 10,000 events including Corporate Events, Concerts, Cruise Ships, Weddings, and Resort Installations. We have been mentioned in press notables such as: Martha Stewart Weddings, The Special Event Magazine, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

Thanks to our unique services, New-Sense has provided services to events spanning from Perth, Australia, China and the entire United States. We’ve been able to expand from our original office in Orlando, FL, to our newest location in Las Vegas.

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